Jiangsu TV: 金曲捞 (Golden Melody) - Part 1: (我還能愛誰 (Who Can I Love )

Right after Teresa recorded the last show for Singer 2017, she was asked to take part in Jiangsu TV's popular Golden Melody (金曲捞) program. The idea is that they pick a song, usually from quite a while ago, and one that was not a huge hit when it was released. Then a singer is invited on to perform it and hopefully "awaken it". The 500 audience gets to vote and if the performance receives more than 300 votes, then the original singer comes out and sings the song again, but this time as a duet. Got it? OK. So here is Teresa singing her version of the Andy Hui (許志安) song Who Can I Love (我還能愛誰).

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